Karen Laurence Interview with Delray Morning Live (Zoom Edition)

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Karen Laurence who is part of Keller Williams provides us her extensive knowledge and insights on the real estate market in South Florida with special focus on Palm Beach, and Delray Beach counties. She discusses about the high surge of New Yorkers and people from other northern states who are especially migrating to Palm Beach, and Delray Beach. She mentions that it is as if South Florida has become what New York originally once was where properties would sell very quickly at the blink of an eye.

There seems to be a great new realization of how great South Florida really is, and how incredible its regional amenities really are. It most definitely has some of the most beautiful beaches, parks, nature views, weather, and fun and exciting entertainment all around. Karen also goes on to mention that real estate inventory is almost running out down in South Florida due to a high demand influx of people wanting to move down here as well.

Karen Laurence is also a Senior real estate specialist with extensive background and experience to help the 55+ older demographic. Karen mentions that South Florida is a vacation-play-day, where there is always something entertainment and fun to do for seniors, and for all walks of life.
Guest speaker Mr. Michael Corbit also speaks about the various latest positive news about life and the economy in the Palm Beach and Delray areas.

Mr. Corbit delivers great news on how the Palm Beach and Delray Beach unemployment rate has also dropped from 14.5 to 5.5 percent in the past few months, and over 600 new open jobs were reported via careersource. We are also leading the state as a county in the highest salary in Florida. The economy in South Florida has also engaged into a higher degree of diversification from an Tourist-centric one to a more diversified one which includes booming sectors like construction, and technology.

The amount of companies migrating from New York, Boston, and California are in large numbers who are moving to Delray and Palm Beach county. It seems that people in other parts of the US are realizing that South Florida is truly a gem in these times where people are able to enjoy the beautiful warm weather, beaches, and great outdoors.

Travel and Leisure from tourism is also normalizing and increasing once again in the Delray and Palm Beach areas, where there are so many great activities to enjoy without having to be in crowded and cold weather areas as compared to other northern states.

South Florida, especially Delray Beach, and Palm Beach has now become one of the hottest spots to live, and work in the US. If you are interested in learning more about buying a home or condo in the South Florida area, contact Karen Laurence today.

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