Florida is the place to be for anyone seeking a sunny location with beautiful homes and communities.

In the last ten years, Florida’s population increased by 14%, and projections show that these trends will continue.

South Florida is the most populous, with 6 million people in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. 

Statistics from the National Association of Realtors show that most people are coming from New York, California, and Texas. 

The higher number moving to the area underscores how South Florida is changing and growing. The real estate market is a beneficiary of this growth. People are moving in and searching for properties from different countries, states, and throughout Florida.

The data underscores several trends showing why South Florida real estate is such an outstanding long-term investment. 


Taxes are encouraging migration to Florida with low income, property, and sales taxes being an attractive factor for many. 

In Florida, you don’t pay any income tax, and the sales tax is 6%, versus other parts of the country where taxes are much higher. 

Florida also has favorable real estate taxes such as homesteading provisions for reducing taxes and protecting your property against collectors. 

The low tax rates make the residential and commercial real estate markets lucrative long-term investments.  

Karen Laurence can show you properties with low taxes and the ability to produce long-term appreciation. She is a South Florida Realtor with over 20 years of experience that can show you the perfect property. 

The Economy

Florida’s economy is strong with tourism turning around, low unemployment, and a business-friendly atmosphere.  

More businesses and people are relocating to Florida to take advantage of the booming economy, with migration rates averaging 1.3% annually.

The real estate market is feeling these effects, as demand for houses and prices are increasing dramatically.

Karen Laurence understands South Florida’s real estate markets and can help you to find the best property. She knows the markets and can find you the perfect property from residential to commercial real estate. 


Florida’s state and local government add to the favorable reviews and provides even more insights into the increasing migration rates. 

Both are rated as one of the most fiscally sound in the nation, with high levels of liquidity on their balance sheets and low debt to income. 

The financial position of these governments means you have better infrastructure and services. 

 Good governance and fiscal discipline are drawing more people to Florida every day and improving confidence levels.  

Real estate is an excellent long-term investment from the improved infrastructure and delivery of services by the state and local governments. 

If you are searching for high-end properties, Karen Laurence knows the markets and can help you locate the best one. Her experience and knowledge of the markets improve your ability to get a great price with favorable terms. 

The Weather

Let’s face it, who does not want to live in a tropical environment, where the weather is warm year-round.

South Florida provides this as mild temperatures in the winter, and the hot summers are encouraging migration. 

For example, New York is one of the top places people are leaving when coming to Florida. New York is known for the cold winters, and new arrivals want to go someplace warm, where they don’t worry about these conditions. 

Migration is increasing from those states that have cold winters and residents who want to avoid this weather. Florida is a place that gives them a break from these conditions and is another reason why so many are moving here. 

Karen Laurence can help you to find a great neighborhood with everything you are looking for in a property. The real estate market is strong, and working with a professional will help you locate the right home. 

South Florida real estate is an excellent long-term investment from the increasing number of people migrating to the area. Call Karen Laurence today at 516-524-3953 to see how she can help you to find the best properties.