The Bridges

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The Bridges

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Karen Laurence welcomes you to one of Delray Beach, Florida’s most attractive neighborhoods.

Discover The Bridges

The Bridges Delray Beach is a wonderfully built luxury neighborhood in one of Palm Beach County’s most sought and family-friendly regions. The Bridges has 591 single-family luxury homes, a 17,000+ square foot clubhouse with premium facilities and amenities, a resort-style pool, a full-service restaurant, and a world-class Tennis Complex & Program.

GL Homes constructed The Bridges in 2012. The complex has 591 premium houses divided into 8 sub-divisions. A 17,000+ square foot clubhouse with a pool, spa, workout facility, and restaurant is located in the heart of the neighborhood. A world-class Tennis Center and Pro Shop are located next to the Clubhouse. The Bridges is truly a standout among Delray Beach homes for sale.

Premium Delray Beach Luxury Homes Worth Seeing

Delray Beach real estate is in high demand, and Karen Laurence has the knowledge and experience to show you the greatest properties in the region. Karen is your “go-to” realtor when it comes to houses for sale!

The luxury life awaits you inside our own gated neighborhood of exquisite homes and extravagant facilities from the time you enter our luxury community via the grandiose entryway.

The Bridges life starts with the Clubhouse, which has upscale amenities, including lifestyle managers, providing residents with a year-round resort-style living experience. Allow your Delray Beach realtor, Karen Laurence, to introduce you to this lovely, affluent neighborhood.[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.0.4″ text_font_size=”18px” text_line_height=”2em” header_3_font=”|700|||||||” max_width=”800px” module_alignment=”center”]

Rest and Relaxation at The Bridges

Spend the day resting under the cabanas, enjoying the pool, or relaxing in the spa, while your kids have fun at the Splash Park, kiddie pool, sheltered playground, or outdoor basketball court.

Pursue Your Active Lifestyle at The Bridges

If you want to be active and healthy, go no farther than The Bridges. An outstanding fitness facility with cardio and strength equipment, a fitness studio, a big indoor sports complex, and free access to all group fitness programs are among the amenities.

The Bridges has a restaurant, poolside amenities, sheltered patio seating for those who choose to sit outside, and an outdoor patio bar with wide-screen TVs. Residents may have lunch, supper, or perhaps just a beverage without ever leaving the neighborhood.

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Tennis, Anyone?

The Bridges Tennis is well-known for its competitive teams as well as its young development program. Tennis enthusiasts of all ages and skills may engage in leagues, take lessons, attend clinics, watch exhibition matches, and attend fun-filled year-round tennis.

The Clubhouse has fantastic gaming areas. The Card Room is where folks gather to play their favorite games. Meanwhile, the Gaming Lounge has a selection of games. The Toddler Room is where our youngest members may play.

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Karen Can Take You There

Karen Laurence is pleased to show you the best that The Bridges has to offer.

Contact Karen today for more information or call 516-524-3953.